Mad Unlock Tool Download Latest Version 2020 For Free

Mad unlock tool is an application that uses to unlock password or pattern of handset Especially Xiaomi devices. With the tool, Xiaomi cloud accounts also be unlocked. There is a different way to unlock devices internal operation, such as fastboot mode, slide load, or ADB mode.

Depending on the action, you want to apply to the device. This is a handy application and doesn’t take lots of space of the memory. It is a Windows-based tool and supports all Windows version. The link for free download is provided here.

Mad Unlock Tool

The Features Of Mad Unlock Tool

Have a look at the features of Mad tool the other work it can do. It is an all in one tool. Downloading only one tool you can have more than more facilities.

  • This is a small and straightforward tool that doesn’t occupy lots of space.
  • It unlocks pattern and password of Xiaomi handset or another device.
  • It unlocks Xiaomi cloud accounts.
  • Bypass FRP.

But you have to choose an option from different choices of the tool. Your device will do the right task, commanding the right option. So, see the option you may choose while unlocking.

  • Unlock screen select ADB mode by booting.
  • Pattern unlock select fastboot mode.
  • Cloud account unlock select fastboot mode.

How To Download Mad Unlock Tool Crack

We have provided the link here for free download. It runs both 32 and 64 bits on Windows computer. So, first of all, click the link to download. Then follow the rest of the procedure below:

  • After download, a zip file is shown on the desktop.
  • You need to extract it to unzip. After extraction installs the file by selecting run administration.
  • Follow the windows as command pop up there.
  • Select the different mode to perform different task on your phone.
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How To Bypass FRP Or Unlock Look

After completing the first step, you need to connect your device for the next step to be done. So, have a glance at the final procedure for FRP or unlock your device.

  • Switch off the handset and connect it with a data cable.
  • Make sure your mobile has enough charge.
  • Then boot your device by pressing the power button and volume rise button together.
  • Then select fastboot from the option appears your screen.
  • If it connects successfully, your device’s code will be shown on the screen.
  • Then choosing fastboot and the device will be started its work automatically. (For unlocking choose fastboot). It doesn’t require mad unlock tool setup password after unlocking password.
  • Leave it until it finishes its work. Then you are done!!

Mad Unlock Tool Download Latest Version 2019


Mad unlock tool is an essential tool for unlocking pattern and password. If anyone knows how to fix the problem, he can operate his phone smoothly. With this tool, you can solve other issues as well. This is a very useful tool. But make sure no interruption occurs during booting time. Otherwise, you can be hanged or damaged the software.