Samsung A8 MT6572 flash file stock ROOM firmware

Are you an owner of Samsung A8? then you have to know about Samsung A8 MT6572 flash file stock ROOM firmware. Heard about Firmware a lot but confused about it?  Firmware is now an important part of every mobile we use nowadays. Firmware is a system that helps your mobile device to get update to its latest Android or OS version. Actually, Firmware update is for every technology like in computer games, DVD, mobile device. Here I will talk about Samsung A8 mobile firmware update.

Now you may think why firmware needs to update. The technology is getting updated day by day. To catch up with the new system the firmware needs to be updated, or else your device won’t run the new software.

Samsung A8 MT6572 flash file stock ROOM firmware

Reading Flash Content now …

Brand: TX
ProdName: G7
ProdModel: G7
Device: TX
AndroidVer: 5.1

[Read Ok] : preloader_yuanda72_cwet_kk.bin
[Read Ok] : MBR
[Read Ok] : EBR1
[Read Ok] : lk.bin
[Read Ok] : boot.img
[Read Ok] : recovery.img
[Read Ok] : secro.img
[Read Ok] : logo.bin
[Read Ok] : system.img
[Read Ok] : cache.img
[Read Ok] : userdata.img

[ScatCFG] : MT6572 / V1.1.1 / yuanda72_cwet_kk / EMMC
Android Info saved
MAUI Meta DB saved
HWConfig Info saved
FW Size : 801 MiB
Scatter saved to : C:\Users\SAMIYA TELECOM\Desktop\New folder (4)\MT6572__TX__G7__TX__5.1__ALPS.KK1.MP7.V1\

All done!

password: techno




  • Your device will get the colorful screen and it is very irritating to your eyes.
  • Your battery gets drained soon for using so many apps and colors.

Finally, let me share my own experience. I got my Samsung A8 and it was lollipop version. As I am a techy person I loved the feature of marshmallow versions. After long research and analysis, I decide to give an update with firmware. I just followed all the steps as I explained in this article. And yes my Samsung is working like a brand new device.

So this article about Samsung A8 MT6572 flash file stock ROOM firmware is 100% guaranteed and safe. So you can do this on your own by following the steps as I mentioned. But be very careful while installing the firmware file. Recheck the file that is it for this device or not. After checking and rebooting use your phone as before and feel the difference.