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SAMSUNG SM-G530H‘s any easy way to model Flash files you can download from the website. without any condition, is the only 100% guarantee to each Flash file. So you can safely update of each model version flash file / firmware can use. The only website, new update is free


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SAMSUNG SM-G530H official firmware Latest Update.

SAMSUNG SM-G530HSmart phone official firmware ,

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Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530 Firmware’s
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530H Nand 4.4.4 firmware

Firmware Link-1

Preloader_e118_lca : (95.3 kb)

Firmware Link-2

preloader_e118_lca.bin :99.3Kb

Password: fortunalte


Firmware Link-3


preloader_e118_lca.bin :95.3Kb

Firmware Link-4

Preloader_rtech72_wet_jb3.bin (97.7 kB)

Firmware Link-5

preloader_mbk72_wet_jb3.bin (99.1 KB)

Password: Gsm.Marhaba….G5308w

What problem would be resolved by this software!

1: Auto Re-started took the phone.

2: When the phone LCD white or black.

3: When Auto is an Internet connection.

4: Monkey / sexy when infected.

5: RAM becomes slow.

6: When the phone stores is full .

7: When the phone is missing the program.

8: The phone does not work in the program.

9 : When the phone is privacy locked.

10 :  When  the phone is pattern locked .

Alert: [#] Take a Backup of your Personal Smartphone data before Flash, Upgrading or instaling

the firmware on your Smartphone. This Backup can help you to recover the personal data

whenever any thing wrong happens. and Enjoy my Smartphone Firmware/Flashfile

How to use Write Flash file/firmware

These requirements of SAMSUNG SM-G530H is battery backup of minimum  50% Up to 80%.

1 Step: Download This Firmware SAMSUNG SM-G530H firmware & unzip This Firmware.

2 Step: Download Smartphone Update flash tool from

3 Step: Download Usb Driver & Setup This Require Android Usb Vcom Driver.

4 Step:Open Smartphone flash tool & Load Your Targeted Scatter firmware.

5 Step: Select MTk scatter Document file &  Click.

6 Step: Press Download/Upgrade Button.

7 Step: Power Off your Phone Press Volume – Or+ and Insert usb Cable.

8 Step: All Step Correct Use/flash Running & wait 3-6 Minute flash Done.

9 Step: flash Done/Open Download Green Signal.

10 Step: Unplug your Phone & reconnect Your Battery.

11 Step: Press Power Key/Button.

12 Step: Flash Done & Enjoy, all official firmware available download here