HTC desire flashing tool Update V3.0 download

This article is about HTC desire Odin Download process. If you are a HTC user you may hear the name, Odin. It is a window based flashing tool for HTC devices. Odin is one of the best and easiest ways to keep you mobile up to date by updating the firmware. So, we can say the main thing Odin does is ROM flashing. In this article, I will show provide you download links and installing process of HTC Odin Download.

HTC desire flashing tool Update V3.0 download

What is HTC desire Odin?

Odin is software from HTC which was leaked on the internet some years ago. It lets you update your firmware and features on your HTC desire devices. Besides, it is a very powerful windows based flashing tool for HTC devices. By using this software you can root your device, install custom ROM or re-install the official firmware.

The firmware update sometimes becomes very necessarily for your device. Especially firmware update fixes many problems like unexpected shutdown, app crashing, and acting buggy, etc. On the other hand, firmware update helps the phone to run smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, firmware update brings new features to the device. And when you use a HTC device, nothing is better than Odin for the firmware update. Benefits of firmware update are given below:

  • Firmware update bring new features
  • It solves the bugs
  • It update hardware functionality
  • Solve unexpected problems of the device

Another great thing about this software is you don’t have to pay any money on HTC desire Odin Download because it is totally free.

HTC desire flashing tool Update V3.0 download

HTC desire flashing tool -Odin

HTC desire Odin Download Guideline

Odin is one of the simplest ways to update your phone’s firmware. There are many versions of Odin available in online. You can download the latest version of Odin from below. However, we recommend 3.0 version because it the latest version of Odin. You can also download the previous versions of Odin.

Odin is a very powerful tool high-end application. So, be careful when you steer the firmware update using Odin. Before starting the process read the whole article carefully. It will be better if you print it out and follow them step by step. We will show you the process of HTC desire Odin Download in below:

Step 1
First, download Odin.3.0 version. You can also download any of the older versions but it may cause troubles. So downloading the latest version will be better.

Step 2
Extract the content from Odin to your computer. Now download the custom firmware or stock firmware you are willing to update on your device. Skip this process if you have previously installed it.

Step 3
The HTC Kies is not compliable with Odin. So you have to make sure that Kies is not running. It will be better if you uninstall the program before using Odin. Now download the HTC desire USB drivers from HTC website.

Step 4
Switch off your HTC mobile then press Power Button, Volume Rocker Button, and Home button at the same time. This will boot your device in the download page.

Step 5
After that, you will go into the download mode. You will a warning message about custom OS in the download page. Press the volume button to carry on.

Step 6
Connect your phone with your computer using USB cable. Now right click on Odin 3.0 and click on run as administration. If the device connected properly, you will see “Added” message in the message box of Odin.

Step 7
There will be a section called ID: COM on the left upper side of the window. The blank space will turn into blue if your device is recognized. Make sure that the USB drivers are installed properly to recognize the device by your computer.

Step 8
After that, press on “Fite text” and include the .tar.md5 file from the firmware. Make sure that “re-partition” is not marked and do not place any PIT section. You will see re-partition on the left side under the options tab.

Step 9
Now wait for the firmware for load. If the firmware is loaded press on “START” option to start the update procedure.

Step 10
The flashing process will take between 5 to 15 minutes. Now you will see a message showing “Pass” on a green screen. This signal means that the installation is complete. Through this method your mobile will automatically restart.

Step 11
If your phone stuck in Samsung sign after flashing a firmware for more than 12-20 minutes, boot your phone into recovery mode. Click Volume UP, Power button, Home button and hold for 6 to 10 seconds. It will open a recovery page.

Step 12
It is a final step of the HTC Odin download. Choose wipe data or factory reset in the recovery mode. After that, restart your phone. Now your phone will restart automatically without any problem with the new firmware.

Risks of Firmware Updates

There are many potential risks of flashing or firmware updating. On the other hand, a failed flash update can brick your phone. Besides, sometimes the flash goes wrong even if you do everything in the right process. Moreover, you will annul your warranty if you flash a custom ROM. If you find a problem in your device, the manufacturer or carrier will blame the custom ROM for it.

On the other hand, firmware update erases all data on the phone. So before starting the process, you must backup all your data. For this purpose, you can use cloud backup services like helium, one drive etc. Besides, sometimes after a firmware update, many up can crash. The simplest solution of the problem is simply updating all your software from Google play.

You should charge your phone fully before am update. Because running out of battery may cause shutting off during the update. Custom ROM also causes problems of poor battery life.

If you are a HTC desire user, it is essential for you to know about ROM flashing of HTC. On the other hand, when you are suffering from unexpected problems in your device, flashing your device ROM is the suitable solution. Odin is the best and unrivaled application for HTC firmware update and rooting. So you should use Odin instead of other apps for flashing you HTC desire Smartphone. We hope that this article about HTC desire Odin download will help you to download and flash your device.