RT Tools V2.0, All Android Service Tools Update Download

RT Tools is a tool that contains the full versions of free and paid software that help us to flash, unlock and unlock Android smartphone. It is a software that allows you to flash the ROM on Android phones. You can see its many versions. It also includes all versions of Odin. It is software that is used to record most of Samsung’s smartphones. In this article, we are going to show you RT Tools V2.0, all android service tools update download from here.

Special features of RT Tools

A custom ROM will flash.

It allows blinking the distribution of gypsy customs with Android smartphones. You can also degrade or update your smartphone from a current or later firmware.

RT Tools

Formatting a smartphone.

It also has a feature that allows you to format Android smartphones based on the MTK processor (MediaTek). Just load a scatter file and connect to the PC and then click on “Format.”

The recovery will flash.

Before you flash your phone with a custom ROM, you can also update the word file. Recovery is the menu that appears when you press power and volume per day with your Android smartphone. When the recovery flashes, the distribution file is necessary.

password: www.firmwaretoday.com

RT Tools V2.0 download

What’s new in the latest V2.0?

  • Improved USB flash.
  • Flash Engine reviewed MTK.
  • Download Agent for Nokia 108, Nokia 220 updated.
  • Flash ID database updated.
  • Code Define base updated (error control).
  • NXP Flash Engine updates.
  • HW verification products (HW) for the updated NXP (X / + X / XL) revision.
  • It should be used to check Navi Manager HW review.
  • Navi Manager Database updated.
  • WP8x Asha, MTKx, NXP firmware included.

Instruction to flash a flash ROM with the Sp tool

  • Install the software and upload the file of the distribution of your custom ROM.
  • If you cannot launch the RT tool software, go by presenting autoPlay and Docs and finally SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1352.01.rar and unzip.
  • After the release flash_tool.exe.
  • Click on Update or Download

It is always risky to flash your mobile device. I do not and will not take any responsibility for boot loops and bricks.Please check carefully that the ROM or recovery.img you want to flash. It is suitable for your specific device and for the sp flashtool. The firmware directory should neither contain meta-inf nor system folder, but something_with_a_scatter.txt and a system.img. Backup your phone before flashing!Your phone’s battery should be at least half charged (50 percent) before you start this.

Piranha Box

Piranha Box is one of the most efficient service tools for mobile phones based on Chinese MTK, SPD, Mstar, Infineon, Coolsand, AnyKa, Agere, Sky, OM, CDMA, ADI / SI, TI and AD3G CPUs.The full version of the software to make Chinese cell bursts.

Piranha Crack Update 1.55

Piranha Box-Features

  • MTK CPU Mediatek
  • Read information
  • Read firmware
  • Read / write Full Flash
  • Read / write EEPROM
  • Repair phones dead
  • Update / downgrade firmware
  • Repair IMEI
  • Reset factory settings
  • Read / write NV data
  • With one click calibration touch screen
  • Read unlock codes
  • Repair auto
  • Security area Auto recalculate security area
  • Software repair badly
  • SPD Spread trum CPU
  • Repair IMEI
  • Reset factory settings
  • Unlock all level locks
  • Read unlock codes

Download Piranha 1.55 life time Free Tools download link


Here is the version you will get after you start:

This is the easiest to use the software without any hassle. Also, it allows you to repair most software defects, such as boot problems, etc. with ease. You can also easily repair damaged IMEI numbers. You can also easily unlock smartphones thanks to its simplified interface. It is a highly recommended tool.

Flash Tool

Flash Tool is a flash tool that you can use on your Sony Xperia phone. This is useful if, for example, you launched a custom ROM on your device, and you want to want to change a standard version. This flash tool can only be used on Xperia phones with the unlocked bootloader. Know that if the phone is unlocked with a boot manager, the warranty can be voided.

Flash Tool

password: www.firmwaretoday.com

Flash Tool download link

Final thought,

There are many RT tools. Before using any flashing or phone repairing tools, read the diclaimer of using those tools. RT tools V2.0 is very useful and safe. You will have access to drivers for Samsung, LG, Alcatel, Sony, Nokia, Huawei, Blackberry and some Chinese phones.