iPhone 6+ A1661 MT6580 Flash File firmware stock ROM

To update the firmware, you need iPhone 6+ A1661 MT6580 Flash File firmware stock ROM. The flash file is the first condition to install the firmware. But you have to remember if you have limited stock ROM then your device can be installed easily. So, the flash tool is a must for your iPhone device. You need a tool to flash the device. Sometimes you will see your flashing is failing, it is only for forgetting to install the driver. You may think it is for only professionals, but no it is not. You have to be careful while following the instructions.

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IPHONE 7 Plus Clone MTK6580 Firmware flash File Stock Rom

iPhone 6+ A1661 MT6580 Flash File firmware stock ROM

iPhone 6+ A1661 MT6580 Flash File firmware stock ROM

Wait for phone…
Phone found! [ 16 ] Sync…
Inital Boot Ok!
BB_CPU_PID : 6580
BB_CPU_NME : [MediaTek] MT6580_S00
BB_CPU_EXT : 0xCA00 , 0x8A00 , 0x0000
Processing BROM stage
Settings for BROM configured!
SecCfgVal : 0x00000000
BromVer : 0x00FF
BLVersion : 0x0001
PreLoader : Active [ Boot with PL ] BootLdrSS : NORMAL with PRELOADER
Processing DA stage
DA Select done, will use MTK_AllInOne_DA_v5.1624.16.07
Sending and initialize DA …
Running DA ver.4.2 on BBID : 0x94
eMMC Flash : 8801034E4361726420298D0E152463FB
Initialize Memory …
DRAM already initialized by Preloader
DAgent sent , init HW now
eMMC FlashIC initialized
[eMMC] : FLASH_VEN : 0x88 , OEM : 0103
[eMMC] : FLASH_CID : 8801034E4361726420298D0E152463FB
[eMMC] : FLASH_BRT : 0x00400000 , 0x00400000 , 0x00400000
[eMMC] : FLASH_LEN : 0x00000001CE100000
[eMMC] : FLASH_UCP : 7393 MiB [eMMC 8 GiB]

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What is Stock ROM?

If you are an android smartphone user, you will often hear about Custom ROMs. So what is the ROM? Well, we are going to explain it for you. The word ROM stands for “Read Only Memory”. The Stock ROM is phone’s firmware based on Google android platform. And the nicest thing is Google indirectly encourages it.

We all know that android is an open source platform. Besides, any developer can edit the program codes, recompile and even release it for relevant device. The user can install custom ROM to change his device’s performance and behavior. When you buy an android phone, it comes with a pre-installed ROM which is known as Stock ROM.  It has a limited function given by the manufacturer company.  On the other hand, you can explore extra features and improved performance by flashing Stock ROM.  Here are some other reasons to know before starting iPhone 6+ A1661 MT6580 Flash File firmware stock ROM