HTC flash tool All Services Download

Dear HTC user. Are you looking for flashing tool for your HTC smartphone? You are in the right place. Here we bring HTC flash tool all services for you. It has many features. This tools can solve the FRP lock of your phone, flashing, creating custom ROM of all HTC devices.

The other day I was helping a reader with his Desire. To solve his problem had to flash a new recovery. As usual, I messed with the command lines, so I investigated if there were alternatives to flash the recovery comfortably. And there is HTC flash tool. A simple tool that will allow us to change the recovery/radio and much more in an effortless way. Let’s see it in more detail.

Steps to flash with HTC flash tool

HTC flash tool

1) Download the selected file to your PC.

2) Unzip the file, and you’ll see that you come across this:

You must execute the file, and then it appears on the screen some extra files to which you should not give importance. The important thing is to run a new window similar to this one:

3) Then connect your device to the PC using ActiveSync (Windows XP) or Windows Mobile Device Center (Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10). Make sure that your PDA is with a battery charge of more than 50%, start ticking the boxes in white and hit “Next” and then “Update.”

If everything is correct, your device will enter “Bootloader” mode. The bootloader or IPL (Initial Program Loader) is similar to the BIOS of the PC. It is responsible for launching the SPL with a tricolor screen similar to the one in the image.

And then a bar that will progress with the percentage will indicate that the flashing process has begun, which will last approximately 5 to 10 minutes. Under no circumstances disconnect your computer from the PC until this process is completed. Make sure that the light will not be cut off. While on the screen of the PDA will also appear a bar was indicating the progress in the installation.

4) When the progress bar reaches 100%, everything will be completed successfully, and the device should restart itself. At the time of restart, disconnect the PDA from the PC and follow the steps indicated on the phone’s screen.

HTC desire tool Update V3.0- DOWNLOAD

HTC All SPD Support tool- DOWNLOAD

HTC All MTKĀ Support tool- DOWNLOAD


1) No need to be root
Indeed, to change the splash screen, the radio and the recovery will not be necessary to be root, BUT it will be necessary.

2) Have S-OFF
Indispensable condition to touch everything. How to know if you have it and how to have it? Well, you have everything explained in detail here that’s why I stuck the code that time. I repeat, it is not necessary to be root, with having the S-OFF is enough.

3) USB Debugging Mode activated

In Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB Debugging enabled

4) Have the drivers installed correctly

But total, as to have S-OFF and you will have installed correctly, no problem. If you were lucky and your terminal already has S-OFF, install the drivers correctly as indicated here.

5) Windows .net 4.0 required

An annoyance, but that’s what the developer wanted. You can install it from their official site.

6) Content to flash

Search forums or Google the recovery or radios you want to flash. If you want to change the Splash image you can either use your own or go through this gallery and download a few. Or again, Google.

Final thought,

And little more, once you have everything installed correctly (it takes 5 minutes) change of recovery or flashing a splash screen is very, very simple. I have already saved HTC flash tool in favorites since you can never know when it may be useful.