Samsung Galaxy On7 SM-G6100 (4 file) Full repair firmware Fiexd All

Are you an owner of Samsung Galaxy On7 SM-G6100? then you have to know about Samsung Galaxy On7 SM-G6100 (4 file) Full repair firmware Fixed All flash file 6.0 stock ROM firmware. Heard about Firmware a lot but confused about it?  Firmware is now an important part of every mobile we use nowadays. Firmware is a system that helps your mobile device to get updated to its latest Android or OS version. Actually, Firmware update is for every technology like in computer games, DVD, mobile device. Here I will talk about Samsung Galaxy On7 mobile firmware update.

Samsung Galaxy On7 SM-G6100 (4 files) Full repair firmware Fixed All

Now you may think why firmware needs to update. The technology is getting updated day by day. To catch up with the new system the firmware needs to be updated, or else your device won’t run the new software.

Samsung Galaxy On7 SM-G6100 (4 files) Full repair firmware Fixed All


Samsung Galaxy On7 SM-G6100 (4 files) Full repair firmware Fixed All

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Samsung Galaxy On7 SM-G6100:

Samsung Galaxy On7 is a smartphone which is beautiful in design and user-friendly to use. The phone has AMOLED technology which is responsible for bright and colorful pictures. The processor of the mobile is Octa core2 GHz. The operating system is Android v5 Lollipop operating system. The storage is 32 GB which is internal. As this device supports 6.0.1 marshmallow you can update your device with firmware. the firmware system is known as Samsung Galaxy On7 flash file 6.0 stock ROM firmware. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to give a flash update. In this article, we will discuss every step.

What to do when you are updating your Samsung Galaxy On7

At first check, your device is ready to update. Then look for the firmware file which is only for your model. Don’t think this firmware step is for all Samsung device. Each model has different setup file. If you try to flash your device with other devices firmware, then your device will lose its program and your android system gets a crash. Remember Samsung Galaxy On7 SM-G6100 flash file 6.0 stock ROM firmware is for only Samsung Galaxy On7.
Another important thing is to check your mobile device has OTA, if yes then you don’t need to get firmware file download or using PC cable to get into your device. Just connect your device to the internet and follow the instruction. The way is:

•   Go to setting menu.
•    Look for about and then press it.
•    If you see a software update, then check it.
•    All the information of firmware will be in front of your eye.
•    If your device is ready, then update your device.
•    And if you want to update your device software auto then use the program, Samsung Kies.

Before starting Samsung Galaxy On7 SM-G6100 flash file 6.0 stock ROM firmware:

•    make sure to backup all apps and messages, your contacts, all the google data, messages pictures and videos of WhatsApp.
•    get your device charged in full. Because it takes the time to get an update.
make sure to install USB driver or download the software, Kies.
•    you have to enable the USB to debug. You have to go to menu – settings – applications – development option – USB debug.
•    cross check your model number and firmware file.
•    get Odin v3.12.3 and run it as Administrator.
•    unzip all the zip file.
•   update Gapps file.
•   then download the firmware file.

Samsung Galaxy On7 SM-G6100 flash file 6.0 stock ROM firmware Install system:

•   Now it is to get ready for installing the firmware system in your mobile.
•   Now for the final steps to install the firmware system in your device.
•   Switch off your Samsung phone.
•   Then press volume less key, home button and power button together at one at a time.
•    You will see the update of firmware in the screen.
•   The touchscreen doesn’t work while it is in update mode.
•    Then press the volume increase button.
•    At this stage, your phone is ready to install the update.
•    Get a USB cable to connect your Samsung to the PC.
•    Then go to the Odin software folder and run it as administrator.
•    Wait for 2 seconds and the ID: COM will be blue.
•    Add AP/PDA from your computer to the firmware file.
•    Add the firmware On7 SM- G6100ZCU1APHA file to AP / PDA from Your computer
•    The re-partition should uncheck and it is a must.
•    Then click the auto reboot and fast reset box.
•    Then click start.
•    Your android system will be updated soon.
•    After that, your mobile gets reboot and update.

Samsung Galaxy On7 SM-G6100 (4 file) Full repair firmware Fiexd All

The questions and answers:

Que: Is the process safe?
Ans: yes, it is.
Que: Can you do it without any expert?
Ans: yes, you can do it easily by following the steps.

How will I know about updates?

To know the updates, you have to do three things:

•   If you register your mobile device properly when you purchase it from the seller, you will get updates time to time.

All you have to do is fill the form with exact information.
•  The other way to know about the update is to visit the brand website of your device frequently. By this,

you will get all the news and updates.
•  Be active in forums, social media and know all the updates.

Advantage and disadvantages of firmware update:

After updating the firmware you will enjoy some advantage and disadvantage.


•  You will get the battery saving mode in your device.
•  Your charging will get time update.
•  Your screen will alert you after getting a notification.


•  Your device will get the colorful screen and it is very irritating to your eyes.
•   Your battery gets drained soon for using so many apps and colors.
Finally, let me share my own experience. I got my Samsung Galaxy On7 and it was lollipop version. As I am a techy person I loved the feature of marshmallow versions. After long research and analysis, I decide to give an update with firmware. I just followed all the steps as I explained in this article. And yes my Samsung is working like a brand new device.

So this article about Samsung Galaxy On7 SM-G6100 flash file 6.0 stock ROM firmware is 100% guaranteed and safe. So you can do this on your own by following the steps as I mentioned. But be very careful while installing the firmware file. Recheck the file that is it for this device or not. After checking and rebooting use your phone as before and feel the difference.