Samsung All New Model 2024 (ADB ENABLE FILES)

Samsung All  New Model 2024 (ADB ENABLE FILES)

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Samsung All  New Model 2024 (ADB ENABLE FILES)

Samsung All New Model 2016 (ADB ENABLE FILES)

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Samsung Galaxy SM-SM-J320P

Samsung Galaxy SM-G935F

Samsung Galaxy SM-G930F

Samsung Galaxy SM-J320Y

Samsung Galaxy SM-J120FN

Samsung Galaxy SM-J120F

Samsung Galaxy SM-J105H

Samsung Galaxy SM-SMG928G

Samsung Galaxy SM-G928F

Samsung Galaxy SM-G903F

Samsung Galaxy SM-G600F

Samsung Galaxy SM-A710Y

Samsung Galaxy SM-A710F

Samsung Galaxy SM-A510Y

 Samsung Galaxy SM-A510F

 Samsung Galaxy SM-A310F, all official firmware available download here