Huawei flash tool firmware stock rom download file

To update the firmware, you need Huawei flash tool firmware stock rom download file. The

flash file is the first condition to install the firmware. But you have to remember if you have

limited stock rom then your device can be installed easily. So, the flash tool is a must for your

Huawei device. You need a tool to flash the device. Sometimes you will see your flashing is

failing, it is only for forgetting to install the driver. You may think it is for only professionals,

but no it is not. You have to be careful while following the instructions.

Full guide about Huawei flash tool firmware stock rom download file:

Huawei is now one of the fast-smart devices among all Chinese made device. Actually, it is

the third large and popular smartphone in the smartphone world. The firmware update is

also easy and effective. Before going to flash your Huawei phone you have to root your phone.

Sometimes you will see your device is not able to get update firmware. Then you have to

root the device at first then you will have to update the phone with firmware. Check if your

device has a bootloader, if yes then unlock the bootloader first. So, it is important to get the

proper firmware file for your device. Before getting your device, flash get the firmware file

from the authentic site.

Huawei flash tool firmware stock rom download file


Huawei flash tool firmware stock rom download file

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What benefit in the flashing device?

To flash your device is like giving your device a boost. You will enjoy a lot of benefits –

  • you will enjoy an extended battery life.
  • your mobile will work like a super jet and start slow.
  • mobile connectivity will be better.
  • your data transfer will get fast.
  • you will have all the latest apps in your phone.
  • your mobile interface will be the latest.

But if your mobile is an old model which is 5-6years back then flashing will not work. So,

make sure you know about your device which is going for flash.

Root ways of Huawei:

Before getting Huawei flash tool firmware stock from download file, you can root your

Huawei in two ways One is without PC and another one is with PC. Let’s have a little brief

about them.

Root HUAWEI without PC –

  • For rooting Huawei device, you need APK.
  • Go to setting menu – security- unknown source.
  • Then download APK file for your device.
  • After downloading then install and launch the program.
  • After launching you will see a button “One Click Root” and press it.

This way is doing root without any help of PC.

Root Huawei with PC –

  • Before rooting your device make sure you have internet access.
  • Keep your device charged minimum 80%.
  • USB cable must be original and high in quality.
  • Keep your anti-virus software and firewall off on the computer.
  • Debug your USB device mode.
  • Then install and launch root software PC version.
  • Then connect the device with USB cable.
  • The software will detect the driver for installation.
  • Keep the USB debugging mode on.
  • Always allow the computer to work in online.
  • Then click ROOT and finish the rooting.

Yes, it is easy to root your Huawei device.

Huawei flash tool:

Now in the process, the first requirement is to get Huawei flash tool firmware stock from

download file, you have to confirm which power is supported by your mobile device. Mainly

the power is –

  • MTK CPU – this power can be flash with SP flash tool and press down which is boot key.
  • SPD CPU- this power can be flash with Upgrade download tool and boot key

Now after considering which power is supported then get Huawei flash tool firmware stock

from download file, you will get the flash file, tool and driver packages. Android users always

try to keep their custom ROM update and fast.

Now I will discuss how to flash Huawei using microSD with stock rom. In this process, you will

not need any PC. You can flash your Huawei device easily with a microSD card. Let’s know the


Before flashing your device, you have to keep a backup of your all-important data and files.

Because it may get lost.

  • Keep your device charged minimum 60%.
  • You will need a microSD card.
  • Install all the required USB driver in your PC.
  • Then get Huawei flash tool firmware stock rom download file.
  • Then extract the ROM and run the file.
  • Connect your mobile with PC.
  • Get the stock ROM, copy it and make a folder and save it.
  • Then get your Huawei device shut down and disconnect it from PC.
  • Then press up and down volume and power off button. You have to press it all together.
    The update will start.
  • Once the update is complete the device is ready and fresh.

Easy, right? There is another way to update your Huawei device. It is shortcut method. All you

have to do is –

make a folder in SD card – name it- place the Huawei flash tool firmware stock rom download

file in the folder – then open settings – about – update system – local update.

Is firmware update necessary?

Yes, it is necessary. Some apps need to unlock so flashing the firmware is necessary. You will

see many apps have been unlocking after the update. You will see Huawei has old and low

firmware version. Sometimes t requires a firmware update. So, it is necessary to update the


Finally, in this guide, you have learned all about Huawei flash tool firmware stock from

download file. It is a simple and easy process to get full update phone. You have to follow all

the steps carefully and properly. This process is for all Huawei device. You don’t have to be

professional but you have to be careful. Because if you miss any of the steps you will face a

big loss, you may get the damaged device or all your information will be lost forever. So

follow all the instruction and get the latest update Huawei device.